Dota Live Analytics

Dota Live Analytics is your companion for watching live pro matches. Perfect for showing you all the important details at a glance, this app also brings you to the point analyses of how the current Dota match is going.
Want to know how all the lanes are performing while watching the action of the gank around the top T1 Tower? Who does the even kill score actually favor? Which of the teams is really farming more effectively? Does Radiant’s Carry have enough gold to buy-back if they are caught? For this and much more, this has you covered.

Presenting you all the information you’d want while watching your favorite professional Dota 2 team fight it out, all live and concurrent with the action on the big screen!

Analysis Panels cover statistics like:

– Item Builds on Heroes
– Performance evaluation of Carry Players
– Live evaluation of Radiant vs Dire net worths, their composition and momentum
– Detailed look at each team’s score and individual KDA
– Tracking of Experience and Gold
– Calculations of Buy Back Status

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